Big, First it was suggested that Newmont would be possible to counter Harbour offer or a quick sell.  It wasn't just any 80, a large portion were out of the generative group.  Geos, support for exploration, etc.  It wasn't production staff.  Both Newmont and Barrick have been given a mandate to improve financials, not keep on increasing oz's.  If you don't believe me, I can point you to numerous articles and actual commentary by said new CEO's.  YES, Newmont, BARRICK, Kinross just replaced the CEO's.... WHY?

I know that all these companies will eventually have to either discover / purchase new oz's.  Of another note with regards to this, were do you think all the majors "find" new oz's (the ones they don't purchase).  You might look at what all these companies do in what they call Near Mine Exploration.

The ability of Newmont, Barrick, Kinross to actually be available to bid is of the utmost importance to the eventual purchase of a company like BGM.  If they BOD of these companies are not going to allow them to play, you loose possible companies to purchase.  

Not only has it laid off the generative staff, they have stoped exploration or cut way back on some very important projects that would bring in oz's.  

So what is it... BGM will be taken out soon, or several years down the road?  Newmont, Barrick, Kinross, etc selling assets or writing them off isn't significant?  Man, you need a clue as to what it means, and not to just BGM.