Take it for what you will, but I would find it highly unlikely for Newmont to make an offer.  They just laid off over 80 salaried employees in NV, and am unsure how many in Denver.  They just wrote off the hope bay project, but it does look like it is now being sold.  $1.6 Billion write down.

"The Hope Bay project, which covers an 80-kilometre greenstone belt, is believed to hold at least nine million ounces of gold."

Barrick is selling multiple assets, including African Barrick.  Kinross is looking at writing off Frute-del-Norte in Equador, pluss several other assets.  

I am only re-stating what the press is conveying, and it is one of the primary reasons the Jr. sector is in such a world of hurt.  IMO, it will change, but it isn't in the next few months, it is another new cycle for the gold industry.