As one of the pillar of REXX takeover attempt is 100 million @1 is unlikely to change for the following reasons.

1) Rexx is seeking control he will need 50 + 1 to win. That requires 100 million shares.

    Reducing the size of the proposal to 10 million who leave his position both open to another AGM push and question of favortism. Who now amongst his favourites would get the shares.

I expect a large major would call a SGM and replace REXX in any power struggle. Rexx knows this.

He needs the 100 million shares.

2) Any change in price from 1  to let say 2.00

Would require another 100 million dollars from his supporter

    If it goes to say 4.00

It would require another 400 million dollars from his supporter. I wonder how many of his supporter who suddenly have a heart. it simple will become less expensive to support Frank and less of a reason to support Rexx. And let say they still support him without taking shares they are going to lose there percentage and part of there share value. What share value are they prepare to lose.

3) Let open it up for a subscription.

   This would means the shares would go to however can afford.

    I would be 91,000 dollars to keep my position.

      And I am out another 91,000 dollars

   On a $4 per shares I'm out 364,000 dollars. Sorry the truck not backing up for this.    How many shareholder are prepare to go this far.

This so called dilution would generate 1000 million dollars and have very little impact on the massive financial requirement for a site like this. Billions are required.

   Rexx loses control.

4) .Based on a buyout offer of let say 1 billion dollars.

     I currently make  10.00 per shares.

     If Rexx offer comes in I am  down to 5.00 per shares.

     And Rexx supporters or subscriber  get 5 dollars per 1 invested. Very Nice Return.

     Let say they pay $ 5.00 per share

     I still make 5.00 per share

     And Rexx supporters or subscriber get 5 dollars per 5 invested. No Return.   So when do the Rexx supporter or subscriber  head for the exit. Pretty fast based on the numbers.

    If it open to subscription I be heading for the exit fast to. I get better returns from safer investment. And

    that also assume we get an offer at billion. At 800 million I assume the exit is at $2 in short a double.  $2.50 at a Billion.

    And were is the offer?

4)   The size of shares decrease and the price goes up. This scenario has  two problem and that Rexx needs control and the price increases does not guarantee any increase in return.

5)  If the porposal changes will Rexx simply use pay the directors in shares instead of funds.

     This is one of the likely outcomes and is ongoing in most company. Executive compensation.

     I expect this but someone ends up paying.

Proposal may change but do we care? No thank you find me an offer.