Your response is still confusing bloomfield. OK, reread and rechecked as you suggested.

Firstly, any gold for "settlement" purposes has been refined to industry standards. That's a given.

From the total tonage [95,811], 89,903 was from "mined" material which was described as having an average grade of 3.264gm/ton.

Let's assume that the 5908 tons processed [difference between total 95,811 less 89,903]

assayed at a slightly higher average [sounds like it was sourced differently]

This would account for a

difference of 96 oz Troy from the published settlement # of 10,150 oz/ton if calculating the total tonnage at 3.264/gms.

Where do you come up with "Regardless, they shipped an extra 1,652.48 t oz of dore"?

Seems to me everything us as it should be.....