Sail Away,


You should read more closely. The company produced 10,906 t oz of gold dore, but shipped 390.612 kg = 12,558.48 t oz  How did they get an extra 1,652.48 t oz? I have no idea. They don't explain the discrepancy. They're also not clear if the settled and consignment values refer to gold dore or gold, although it appears to reference the dore. Regardless, we already have the amount of ore processed (95,811 tonnes), the average grade (3.264 grams/tonne), and the process recovery rate (79.8%). By using simple multiplication, you end up with 8,023.4 t oz gold dore. You can't get more gold than your average grade and recovery rate.


And once again, taking baby steps, 


(8,023.4t oz gold dore recovered / 10,906 t oz gold dore produced) x 100 = 73.57%