Read then all, went through the financials.  So you guys will vote on this Harbour dillution idea at AGM, AGM will be chaired by independent director agreed to by Harbour.  Snowden has used historical holes wthin their report, does not say good bad or indifferent, just used them.  Frank has only loaned the company 600k so far, of the 2.4 mil he agreed to lend it, strange.  He is paying is son and daughter and I would get that booted out at the AGM, is this guy for real with the nepotism????  The reports should be done for last week of February, but and here is the elephant that has come into the room here, Frank has a whopping 5.5 million workng capital short fall.  Means his trade payable, to assets is short 5.5 million which includes a provision for paying RCT 500k.  That is a lot of money to be short, and will make raising money all the tougher.  That provision for RCT does not include the liablity (what he owes) of another 3.3 million (the elephant in the room) that they appealed with RCT and did not agree with.  So win lose or draw at appeals, that 3.3 million needs to be put into working capital too, so its closer to 10 million he is short.  Yikes.  Little doubt a large PP is coming soon as this trades, and given markets as they are might be tough to cover that kind of working capital deficiency.  If I owned this stock, which I do not, I would call Harbour group, just to cma, and suggest that in case they are succesful, which as the plan sits today they won't be, but there is blood here folks and I assume they know it.  So if the plan gets altered which would be useful, IT should be open equally to all shareholders to subscribe.  In other words, you guys are entitled to same warants and options and stock price.  With this working capital deficiency it is not a far stretch to suggest that the BCSC and some shareholders will want that covered off prior to trading on the stock exchange again.  Its a big amount of money, for sure.  So the AGM and prior with Harbour, might be an opportunity to get yourselves included in any perks and benefits that may come as a result of Frank's mismanagement here of money.   I would contact Harbour and see if you can appoint one of your guys here holding this stock to be the rep, with Harbour and Frank, and perhaps in concert with the independent director of the AGM to cover your you know whats.  There is a large PP coming prior to this stock trading I would think, and you might as well have some of your ducks in a row here.