GoldEx, I think it's sad that you think we should be praising you or thanking you or even agreeing with you.  I'll stand by what I said in the past...when you come to a BB and claim outright you have no investment then post almost all negative comments for weeks on end what do you think longs are going to think?  I still say you can't be trusted when it comes to BGM because a guy who has no investment but says he is interested should be neutral at least.  You have been open to positive comments but you often overshadow most positive with negative.  It didn't make sense in the beginning and it doesn't make any now.  The bashers all claim they are not bashers but post day after day, negative comment after negative comment.  bigbab is correct when he says you bashers have done nothing to help your cause.  You've likely kept people like me posting just to neutralize your bullsheight.  Many of the longs have stepped back from original numbers and believe ounces will be reduced, some still believe in the 10.6, and others feel there could be more but I don't see many pumpers posting multiple times a day on old news releases that are positive for BGM.  We'll see who is sad in a few more weeks.  I hope some of you or your bosses get swept away in a tidal wave of BGM gold!  It really is a miserable life to have a job where you get payed to be negative day in and day out.