I'm not afraid of lawyers. So, if Freddie or anyone else feels a need to take action to shut me up, there is no point in making idle threats. And you don't speak for anyone except yourself, Bigbab. I know of at least one shareholder who was interested in my opinion - Vested Interest. He hit my inbox on August 10 to ask me what I thought. I answered August 12, and told him I thought there was going to be a cease trade order. One day later, that's what happened. Vested Interest started his e-mail by saying, "You've written some very intelligent, thought provoking material on the BGM forum."  He goes on to say that he thought the potential of he property was"amazing". Obviously, we disagree. Just because people disagree, doesn't mean they have to hate each other. I saved the full e-mail, but haven't brought it up, because it was a private message.