bigbab, if you think I care, I don't either as it has nothing to do with BGM, but it has been brought up by some and it would be interesting to know who actually tells the truth or just plain lies and make things up.


I looked at the court documents on American Creek's site, and they only have the defendants named and John Doe number 1 to 4, but no 'ovis' . 


It comes down to telling the truth, as some do, and lying or speculating on something that just isn't fact.  So before we say who cares, nobody should, but we should care who tells the truth and who doesn't.  JMO


BTW, IR said to some folk that Gold Pour was to happen this week with a news release to be issued when it does.  They have a few days left to come through with what they told those who called and posted here.  atb