Halcro, still got no answer on my question:


Maybe someone can find out if halcro is affiliated to D&D. What is sure: He has an agenda in relation to BGM and we’ll find it out.. Also sure: he will attack me now, as he is always doing against all severe shareholders here on the BGM board.

Halcro, declare yourself: What is your intention to bash a stock, that is not tradable? Too much time left beside nosepicking? Too stupid ? No money left for tradable stocks? Broke?  If you only want to influence some naive stupid BGM shareholders, then go on with your agenda. 100% it will have no success.

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/bullboards/messagedetail.aspx?s=BGM&t=LIST&m=32074377&l=0&pd=0&r=0#55fXtH1DTcL8MLcO.99

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/bullboards/messagedetail.aspx?s=bgm&t=list&m=32079584&l=0&pd=0&r=0#5EsQOJulsFfvrhOI.99