Idle Intruder,

You use such big words. Stand on your own two feet. This is not a game for the helpless. Yeah, right. All you want is money, just like all the other greedy slobs out there.  But there is one difference. They're better than you are, Idle Intruder, because they don't pretend to be morally superior. 


Are you aware that selective disclosure of material information in a phone conversation is in violation of NI 43-101, Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects? Does it concern you that posters regularly report information that they attribute to a phone conversation with investor relations, even though this is in clear violation of the law? Informing Dkolish in a casual phone conversation that 60% of waste has now reassayed positive for gold would be illegal. It may be true or false, and we can't be certain that Dkolish heard correctly, or even that the conversation ever took place. But if it did, it would indicate an utter contempt for securities law.