What did Bigbab say to you Halcro, to be so offensive and rude??  Did he maybe get close to the truth about you?  The question I ask is " are you an investor in BGM"? If so, you are extremely negative in your views of any possible success in your venture. If you are not an investor why are you here on this board? So that brings up the question of your full time job. Whose payroll are you on or are you just retired, unemployed and bored?  It seems to me you are doing an awful lot of work to discredit FC and BGM for just a lonely bored retired person. So what is your motivation? IMHO is must be money, or promises of money. Maybe even an IR job???

I think it's time to come out of the closet and reveal the true purpose of yor attacks. Come clean Halcro and your soul will soar.