BigBags (10 pounds of chit stuffed into two three-pound bags) asks, "maybe there is some software or pool program out there that offers the service to hold themoney for the winner"

Yeah, there is. It's known as BGM, but it's presently CTO'd (not that that stops it from holding the money from whatever pours it eventually ever does...and just guess who the winner is?).

You remind me of the Belgian shareholders in Rex Diamond (RXD), which went from 90 cents to $15.00 to $5.50 to $11.00 to seven cents. The Flemish-speaking Belgian investors had a secret handshake, T-shirts, beer houses where they met to compare paper profits, and an affinity for flooding the Internet with lists of their intended Porsche purchases, threats against non-believers, and their love for Serge Muller (RXD's CEO). 


"I do hope that some Belgian investor used his car keys to scratch the chit out of Serge's Porsche (remember when Serge was the ninth-richest Belgian?).

Of course, that was way, way back then when Serge dared to park his Rolls Royces on the street and when that selfsame Belgian investor a car to go with the car keys.

Accrding to sedi, Holmans is still holding long and strong (as is Serge). They held, according to the sedi filings, through the First Coming, and also through the Second Coming.

Surely they're not holding on for the Third Coming?

Dear old Ben, if he's bunged up in a SA jail, needs a bit more than soon-to-be-delisted stock certs to keep the pederasts away from his cell door.".