@jrai, "Look at all the posts and time and effort by these guys. "


The shift supervisor (was it George?) assigned you to keep the CTO'd shareholders spirits up just after the CTO went into effect..

Like so many of the Agoradoradodoland-connected keyboard chimps, on August 22, 2012, seven days after the CTo was imposed, you made your first post on BGM and you made 67 posts to this thread between then and the end of August...all pumping the company.

You prett much vanished in September, did vanish in October, didn't come back to life until mid-November, and you've posted only on BGM since then.

You won't get an Agoradoradodoland chimp-of-the-month coffee mug for either your volume (about 180 posts) or the quality of the posts (chitty, lol).


Budget production, but someone must be desperate if they are reactivating the third-string log-in names.

Hardly surprising though, as the company did spend $202,466 on shareholder communications and advertising in the six-month period ending August 31, 2012.

Of course, that's a mere bagatelle compared to the $774,793 spent on shareholder communications and advertising in the year ended February 28, 2012, and the $677,873 spent in the year before that. There is another $1,497,376 spent on professional fees, corporate communications and other corporate adminstrative (PFCC&OCA) costs during that same year which ended on  February 28, 2012, and $1,376,858 in the previous year...but how much of that is for corporate communications (and exactly what comprises "corporate communications) is not broken out.

Spending $1,655,132 over a 30-month period does attract support and, even if only 30 per cent of that two-year total of $2,874,234 for PFCC&OCA, if you throw another $862,270 into the shareholder communications and advertising pot, then the grand, 30-month total is $2,517,402...0r $83,913 per month.

Shoot...$83,913  per month should buy rock star status, right? Wonder what Rex Harbour spends per month on communications, advertising and PFCC&OCA? I'll guess that  it'll be under a grand a month, if even that...and he runs an empire!!!!