No disrespect to anyone.

I agree there are three firms looking at Cow Mountian.

The reason for the three is very straight forward. Geoex and Snowden are doing the current report and audit and Mintec did  help with the report but they are looking at the data for future reports.

Why the division is the requirement that the data need to be stable and fixed so that the reports and audits can  be produced.   That why they stop drilling. Assays came in. Data was fixed. Once a date was determine no more new data was allowed. The data for Geoex and the Snowden audit had to be stable and fixed because they needed to be loaded in the modelling software so that the 2,000 page+ reports and audits could be produce. That point was necessary as you cannot audit a report if the data does not match up. Apples and Apples. BCSC needs to be able to compare the report to the audit.

The data was fixed. The data was loaded the reports are being produce.

Mintec role is essential and they will support BGM by review the data and producing results for updates and new reports.