O ye doubters with little faith.  Things are lining up.  The last 7 months are the growing pains we junior investors have to suffer to get the prize!  It's been a rough ride but the finish line is in sight!  I personally think the latest news release was quite positive.  I initially did not to be honest.  Gold pour is going to happen...I'm sorry, this is great news.  Cash flow, regardless if profits are higher or lower than expected...it's cash flow people.  Duh!  Both Snowden and PG's company agree the report will be finished on the date, as written in a publicly advertised article!  This is likely fact since contractors are often punctual when dealing with regulators.  This is entirely based on my personal experience.  I think the latest report dates will hold up.  We've already suffered through the hard part in my opinion.  Still need the numbers but I think they will be appealing to most!  Perhaps 10 weeks, with a couple positive steps in between to keep it interesting?  That's how I feel.  Naysayers still present but they're much like Mosquitos ...they are annoying at first but you find a way to tolerate them after a while.  There is so much negativity with purpose on our board...someone appears to be working towards a goal because interested.  Cheers and good luck to loooongs.