Cobalt ol bud.... you name the apple, you name the deal.  you think i like the valuations?  Nova was offered $16 a share ithink at one point, since then more oz's have been added at Donlin and now see where it is trading at.  Look at the management and look at the largest share holders in this thing.  Now tell me what you don't like about it.  tell me why it is trading at $4.65 / share.  I know, they spun off the copper side... but honestly... Tell me what is wrong with Sabina.... I know, it is way north, infastructure, etc.  but it is still a darling in the exploration world.  There are some exceptions within industry as to market value, but as a whole it succcks worse now more than it did @ $300 gold in my view.  Do I think it will change, yes.  how long?  hmmmmm.  Someone on this board must have went to vancouver Cambridge... I didn't make it.  I did have friends who went.  Have some people pipe in as to what some of the big hitters think.