If it is true that the Rexx Harbour group dropped their petition to the courts its probably a sign that tehy know that they have no chance given the strong online petition as well as the fact that BGM is now very close to revealing their official numbers.


There is no rush to force a meeting.    Who will it benefit?    BGM has already set the AGM so realistically could the Rexx group move it up any sooner?   I doubt it.


I cannot wait for the the filthy smiles to get wiped off of the bashers faces once this resource number is revealed.   If you read between the lines Snowden is confirming Peter Georges numbers.    So far Snowden has not stated anything about Peter Georges numbers being off.    With this much time gone by you would have thought a leak would have taken place and someone would know something but NO!  not a peep.

Except for since the halt GCC got financed by Eric Sprott and friends and they hold 2 million shares of BGM.   Notice how GCC is moving up.   Coincidence?    I dont think so.    I think GCC will continue to rise as we get closer.

I believe the reason why the bashers are dissapearing is the pulling of this petition.   However I do believe once we get the numbers out they will bad mouth those numbers to the market like mad men no matter what the numbers are.    They do not need that many more shores to take a control position so they will try to push the price down no matter what.

I kind of hope Frank has a plan B in place with a major for a financing.    This will dilute at a much higher price than current prices(completed after the 43-101) and will ruin any chance of the Rexx Groups attempted take over.