The fact that Snowden is auditting Geoex's report (not re-doing) and Peter George is still involved and should be the primary signator bodes very well for us Longs.  Snowden must be in agreement with Geoex or they would have taken a different road.  Their independant audit is not going to say that Geoex's report is faulty because the over-all goal here is to provide a compliant report.  They are working together on this so abviously are in agreement.

The final numbers of the approved Ni 43-101 report may not be the most important information from the report.  If Snowden indicates that they agree with PG's assessment of the potential of the propperty then the bigger picture potential becomes the key driver of share price.  If a Goldcorp realizes that this area has a reasonable potential to become their Flagship then I will be retiring very soon.