"but we will have a right to vote knowing full well what the BCSC accepted resource estimate will be."


What happens if the BCSC rejects the new resource estimate as being non-compliant? Last time around (June 28, 2012), the company issued the news release about the compliant (but really non-compliant) NI-101). Then, 45-odd days later, a seemingly revised NI-101 report was filed in Sedar...and the BCSC immediately issued a CTO.


Only ther BCSC and the company knows why the August 13 filing wasn't compliant, but what happens if the company does the same thing again ("...In an effort to provide a timely response to the BCSC, the company's qualified person, Peter T. George, provided a draft technical report to the BCSC immediately, which was not complete and not due under NI 43-101 standards of disclosure for mineral projects until 45 days after the original news release (Aug. 13, 2012)..." and the BCSC issues another list of concerns?


That 45-day NI 43,101 standard of disclosure could keep this merry-go-round spinning until next year, maybe?



"...the company reasonably expects that it might be in a position to respond fully to BCSC's technical disclosure comments and file a final and acceptable NI 43-101 report on SEDAR by the final week of February..."