Thanks halcro, that is actually very positive IMO.


If BGM is expecting, or hopeful that an acceptable report will be filed by end of February, then BGM will not be trading until sometime in March.  This is a positive IMO, as all shareholders holding BGM while under this by then 7 month CTO, will have their right to vote at the AGM April 16, as we will all be deemed owners of BGM and eligible to vote, even if some decide to sell prior to the AGM.


I'm thinking this is positive, not only because we shareholders who have suffered the most during this long CTO will have a right to vote, but we will have a right to vote knowing full well what the BCSC accepted resource estimate will be. 


In a way, it shows that management does indeed have confidence that the report will be better than some naysayers or doubters believe.  I too have had doubt about the numbers, but this turn of events, IMO is a positive.  atb