"They can't just go in front of a judge and say the company has no idea when the revised estimate will be ready."

The estimate is only a portion of the dissident petition. The company saying, on 2013-01-18, that "The company has been recently advised by each of Snowden and Geoex that they reasonably expect that a complete draft of their updated NI 43-101 report should be available for review by the company in the first week of February, such that the company reasonably expects that it might be in a position to respond fully to BCSC's technical disclosure comments and file a final and acceptable NI 43-101 report on SEDAR by the final week of February' is hardly a definitive date, especially in view of the company saying for about six months that "it's in the works...see it soon".


And...there's no guarantee that the BCSC will accept the new report and lift the CTO.