The company had to respond to the upcoming court challenge. They can't just go in front of a judge and say the company has no idea when the revised estimate will be ready. That would have guaranteed a quick AGM.


What is interesting is the contrast between this news release, and the one of June 28. In June they couldn't even wait for the technical report before announcing the result a full 45 days before completion. Now, they are stretching timelines to the limit. Although the report should be in by early February, we are told that a final report won't be filed until the end of the month. So, if the BCSC doesn't accept the draft, it gives them a few more weeks to come up with new answers. And by holding the AGM on April 16, it gives the company even more time if necessary, by stretching things into March. This begs the question, why didn't they show this much caution back in June?


For the first time it has been explicitly stated that Snowden is auditing the report. But it looks as though this is still PG's submission. Snowden and Geoex are the only two consultants mentioned in the news release. Overall, this provides a definite timeline for investors.