newfie, I too saw the guy got 6 yrs.  I do have some questions:

1. Why do you think they moved the meeting up?  Due to the hearing?  And I assume that they must be expecting good news by then.

2. Also, they mention PG's co in the P/R, so assume his name will still be on the CM report, I hope with some of Snowden's consultants names.

3. Wonder where the $ is coming for operating the mill and the mine? One of the feasibility studies said they needed about 40 employees to operate the mill, which apparently is being operated 24/7 now plus it said the needed about 40 employees to operate the mine, add to that the other costs associated and it seems like it would be very costly.

I was glad to see the OTC price jump 26% yesterday as BGM shows up in my accounts based on OTC in states, at least with my broker.  Nice paper gain, after lots of daily red.  I did not log on to see volumn, but doubt it was much