It sad how Halcrow and 2guys tag teaming of repeat everything over and over again have made  both of them irrelevant.

BGM set the AGM date as a preemptive measure for a number of reasons.

1) The court could of rule 45 days from January 23 which of made it  a early March date.

2) The court could of rule 25 days from January 23 which of made it a mid February date. Reason it is a SGM.

3) Frank is control of the agenda of the AGM  not Rexx.

    With control  of the AGM, Frank can introduce a number of new directors or a new CEO or both to the ballot which may makes this interesting. 

   With control he can put forward a more acceptable dilution of the shares to the shareholder  or no dilution of the shares.

  Or he can put forward a sale of BGM.

With the date set and Frank in control  this has moved nicely forward and shows very good tactics.