Hmmmm, so BGM has now set a date for the AGM and it happens to be approx. 45 days after they expect to have a BCSC acceptable report filed.


I'm just wondering what the details will be for the notices going out shortly.  Will the shareholders of record date be set as the date during the CTO or will it be a date after the CTO is lifted?


There's a big difference if anyone cares to comment.  You see, if the shareholders of record date is sometime in March, and the CTO is lifted after an acceptable report is filed end of February, this can change the voting results quite a bit, depending on how good, or how bad results will be.


Well, there's nothing we can do but wait, and hope results are as good as the company has consistently told us they would be.  BGM has always stated how confident it is that the PG numbers will hold up.  We'll see in the next several weeks how accurate that confidence was.  JMO


"The company has been recently advised by each of Snowden and Geoex that they reasonably expect that a complete draft of their updated NI 43-101 report should be available for review by the company in the first week of February, such that the company reasonably expects that it might be in a position to respond fully to BCSC's technical disclosure comments and file a final and acceptable NI 43-101 report on SEDAR by the final week of February."