"Here is where economy of scale comes into play. When you process in small batches, you pay more."  (gloomy-bloomy)  


This is something you never hear about .....but there are some solid opinions out there about refraining from mining the BL ore entirely ;  until Cow and BCV is ready to go.....it's called "mixing" the high grade ore from BL with lower grade sectioned ore from the other areas to create more consistant and even production results.....and make the entire operation more efficient (and dependable) 


OF course this will never happen with the financial plight of this company ...as we have no money , and it seems BGM is trying as fast as the can to throw the rocks into the mill and hope for something yellow to come out on the other end....  


I brought this argument out long ago how this company should be sold/spun off BEFORE BL ever gets touched.  Because we are taking BGM's shrip cocktail appetizer and reducing it's attractiveness to potential suitors  ....... of course this would take a company with considerable balance sheet strength to halt BL /  and start prepping BCV /COW/ and the rest of the property ready  by doing the research /permit hunting / feasability studies etc etc , you may want to read GOldex's recent posts to see what is neccesary ........


Anyways we all know the direction were heading in ; production and cash flow at all costs to keep the show running  ....... Newfie I will add you to our very short list.....  seems like it's bad report = Tompsett  / good report = status quo (for now- until a new option gets proposed) 


This is what should have happened IMO over the past half year /  1)  Snowden new resource report (Whether they will come up with a new compliant number or just doing an audit-no idea  - I just HOPE they (or a compilation of they PG/ Mintec /Snowden .come up with something that the BCSC will accept . 

2) Custom milling agreement if available

3) PP for 10M + 1/2 warrant   (balance sheet repair) 

4) and of course new mgmt to facilitate all of the above 

5) prep BGM for a sale  / spin off

6) no drilling /except for Snowden twin req's  /  barebone expense reduction / prepare QR & BL for late summer to early spring continual production for 8 months (4 months late 2012   /4 months early 2013)  AFTER custom milling (which would be currently going on "if available")  ..


just an opinion from a bashing minion.....