With regard to Dome, do your job and call them and ask them yourself.  Mining their own ore is more profitable than processing the Dome ore.  I asked FC himself some time back about Dome and he stated that if they did that deal they would make $400 per ounce pretax.  Nothing wrong with that but that IS IN FACT less profit per ounce than what they expect to get from BL.  Why don't you do your job and ask these questions of IR yourself instead of insulting me by calling me a cheerleader when I am simply reporting what I believe to be the truth?

Jay Taylor:  yes I DO know what he thinks since I met him in person at the 2012 PDAC and spoke to him about BGM specifically.

I don't know what dirt the bashers have dug up on Stewart Jackson but since you classify them as bashers YOURSELF, I will disregard their work as quickly as you disregard Stewart Jackson and PG.  They are bashers as you say and so their motives disqualify them.

I don't need another geologist to defend PG.  I have past history and I have SNOWDEN's current work coming soon.  I will ACCEPT Snowden's work and it will be out soon enough that that will become the benchmark.  In the past, PG wrote a report for Rubicon which was revised down by 25%.  25%.  Not 75%.  A 25% reduction puts the CM I&I resources at 9.2 million.  That would be fantastic.  There is no basis for using numbers like 3 million ounces of total resource.

Your comments about a pre-planned plot are inane and have no relationship to what I have been saying.

Is it promotion to simply state what you believe to be true?  It is not.  The high grade ore at 14g/t is again what the company is telling me.  Go argue with them, don't put me and other bashers down.  I didn't make use of the NR stating "encouraging results" but somehow you attributed it to me.

There ARE management problems at BGM and the legal battle and the delays are valid and serious concerns.  But what you are not understanding is that we have a legion of bashers on this board pointing out the negatives all day long.  Someone needs to point out the positives.  You have chosen to spend more time pointing out the negatives.  Strange behavior for someone who supposedly owns the stock.  If you came on here and blasted management but said "well at least they did a great job with exploration and we'll probably have about 8 million ounces" then you and I would have no issue.  But you don't do that.  You blast management and then say we'll have a massive cut in the PG resource which is not supported by history.  I'm just going to wish you good luck and sign off from Stockhouse until the Snowden report comes out.  After it comes out, the bashers will not be able to hold this stock down.

Cheers and best wishes to all longs other than Rex Harbor and his crowd