Well you definately will not tolerate or accept any countering point of view other than your own . By constantly ridiculing and categorizing every poster with something negative to say as a "conspiring basher" you are indeed polarizing both camps . 


I completely understand and appreciate you have publicly stated you are "pro-change" ...but IMO the "moderates" need to step this up a notch.   I personally would like to see IF there is an interest for a petition in requesting change.   This would be directed to BGM via personally signed letters/emails expressing such.   It would be co-ordinated much like the "anti-rexx" movement except it would require personal signatures and letters.    


I think there is a middle ground here where shareholders can demand positive change without suffering massive dillution.     It seems to me that most shareholders want to wait until the Snowden report before doing anything..... (personally I think that is a big mistake - I think every day that passes = risk)   but I can only express my opinion and try and lobby for what I believe in.