of the 100000 stock plays out there, that I can invest in, I ask that they trade, they build wealth for me.  This is one of a handful of stocks that broke that covenant badly.  It does not trade so as of today is worthless, unless you can sell it at Save On Foods or something.  And that, very fact makes Frank and his ties cullpible............to blame.  Him and him alone.  I do not want to hear what a great guy he is, how he worked for 18 years, at this that or the other thing, the simple reality smacks you in the face, he $#@d up, and now you the shareholder will pay, with either a loss of credibility entirely in the market, or a discount on your eventual price due to being halted for 6 months.  Add to that 2 rollbacks in 7 years, and wow, to support this guy or defend him.  


He may have or be onto something here, but surely moving forward the shareholders here will keep this guy on a shorter leash.  Trust me next week mantra aside this guy needs to be held accountable and I think the exchange is probably doing that, problem there, well he is out of money, as in broke.  He has over 4 million more owing in current liabilities than in current assets, not a pretty picture.  That by definition without a financing, without an angel is called this guy is and was bankrupt.  Means if you got 4 million in bills, some to rev canada, you have 900k in receivables and cash, you had to not pay your bills.  A hero in my books.