You say I am a public relations cheerleader for the company.  The statements I make are based upon my conversations with IR, personal experience and knowledge of the industry.  Does that make me a "cheerleader"?  Should I automatically disregard everything IR says?  How then do I learn about the company?  I also use the comments of industry professionals such as Ian Gordon, Christopher Skidmore, Stewart Jackson, Jay Taylor and others.  You would seem to prefer to disregard their comments as well....

Granted that we are still waiting for Snowden's report and it IS frustrating.  Does that mean that we should assume it is far off?  Is it really credible to believe that PG is so far off that we will come in at 2.5 million ounces?  I don't consider that reasonable.

The 13-14g/ton high grade material I mention comes straight from the company and is credible.  The average 43-101 grade is 8 grams or so.  Therefore there should be some sections of the deposit which are above that.  When I am told 13-14g/ton for 1 year that seems credible.

I use the word "we" because when I buy a junior miner I am willing to hold the shares for years.  In fact I have owned BGM since the 2010 PDAC.  It is "my" company insofar as I am a business owner and my fortunes will rise and fall with the company's as it is a big shareholding for me.  I have explained this before.  Furthermore, I spoke with Tim Kenny today after you attacked my post.  He reaffirmed that Dome has still not done anything with their ore and the reason is that they would like to do a deal with BGM because it is the closest mill by far.  But BGM intends to mine their own ore first as I said in my post.

The company is being held accountable right now for it's performance, the stock has been halted for near 6 months!  You are correct to criticize management for certain things.  But those of us who own the stock should defend our company when false statements are made about it.  That is all I am trying to do here.  As others have said, this is the most negative board on Stockhouse.  Why is that?

GLTA Supporters of BGM's well being