I could care less about your or other's opinion of me Red ,  feel free to post whatever you wish on stockhouse  (I did say PLEASE STOP posting your drivel) but as far as I am concerned (after reading your posts for over a year on this bullboard) you are a "public relations" cheerleader for the company ...... you simply regurgitate info from I.R. / Corporate /  and spin it in a positive light which typically  fails  to materialize.   "You were right and I was wrong"  ...... well as much as I hope this fact becomes true ,we are still in CTO mode and awaiting new results from Snowden arent we ?    .....has another professional geologist read PG's report and supported it ? WELL HAVE THEY  ?     IT  has been on Sedar for what 6 months now ?   


You reference future potential from BL with 14g/t claims ...I reference our latest press release which states "encouraging "  results...what the hell does that mean ? encouraging ?  ...in who's eyes ?      Maybe it would be nice to actually produce gold at a profit before counting your massive BL dollars . 


"We have not done a deal because.......  fluff ...fluff....fluff    , who is "we" , sounds like you are including yourself in that equation....  are you associated with the company somehow ?    

I could care less IF you think I own stock , whether you made millions or not....  I'm tired of the bashers ,I'm tired of mis-management , I'm tired of cheerleading pumpers  ........ at some point this company is going to be held accountable for it's performance..and the real shareholders will finally benefit not just insiders/mgmt/ and brokers