The key point is THERE IS NO OTHER MILL I AM AWARE OF which Dome can use.  We have not done a custom milling deal with them because we have been struggling to get our own production going.  Why do I have to explain the obvious to you?  Tell me Bigbab, has Dome processed their ore at some other mill?  If so then I will stand corrected on that point.  I do not believe they have because there is no other mill within trucking distance.

I didn't state anything about "encouraging" deposits in the region.  Go reread my post.  You are now putting words into my mouth.  I am not a half-brained investor like yourself, I have made millions of dollars investing in junior mining companies.  No matter the deposit is at Cow Mountain it will be massively more economic than KSM due to superior grade.  The capex will be worth it since these would be high margin ounces.

Then you unbelievably state:

"so please keep your biased drivel for new investors who have not done there D.D."  You hold authority now over my right to post on Stockhouse?  You can tell me not to post?  I consider your posts to be biased to the negative side but I have been courteous to you.  But no more.  You are a moron.  Period.  You were hoping for 2.5 million ounces before the PG report came out.  I kept saying it would be more.  I was right, you were wrong.  Past is prologue.  I am still not convinced you actually own the stock.