Nothing but  FLUFF from you Red , losing more and more credibility with us "realists" every day ......

Dome mountain ore in there back packet eh?  Well interesting that this was press released at least 6 months ago and the company is absolutely cash starved.....  YET no announcement of a custom milling agreement with them or any other operation blessed by QR's presence.   Why is that IF we have them in our back pocket?  Would have been nice to started this "custom milling" maybe 3 months know  ...seeing how our revenue has been ZERO over that period  


Average grades of 13-14 g/t  which ought to generate amazing cash about actually producing some gold?  Are we or are we not?   What about this QR ore that was supposed to provide  cash flow as of  Nov  ?  Dec ?  Now Jan ?   "encouraging " gold recoveries reported from the region ..well woopdedoo 


Yes that mill on care and maintenance sitting by rusting will come in quite handy at Cow MNt .  You / me / and every other half -brained investor knows that IF Cow mnt is anywhere near what PG  says it has...a new  mill must be built and facilities constructed........ how does this have anything to do with Seabridge I have no best this mill would need to be refurbished to ASSIST in mining activities at auxillary locations please keep your biased drivel for new investors who have not done there D.D.    You do BELIEVE in  PG"S numbers right ?