get head out of sand....................truly.  I tend to think this whole industry has been beatin into oblivioun, truly.  And part of the reasons, is a share we hold with flow throughs and other stuff, misalocated capital, which Frank used, but hold your head up dude, things change, and I think that money is now hard to come by, so Frank here won't be wearing such slick colored ties, to deflect eye contact at the next other words, if you do not roll up your sleeves, your nothing and 2 years of all time lows, about to change for those who spent right, lets hope our other one has, and lets hope this one has..............but valutaions pure and simple are at an all time low in the sector and Frank got caught, simple.  I beleive very strongly that is about to change if you did the work and have proven and probable in the ground.  NOW WOULD BE THE TIME TO LOAD UP ON ANY OF THE STOCKS, I GAVE YOU TWO.    Not sell and get depressed.