Instead of hauling all Bonanza Ledge ore to the QR mill, why not high grade it (take the best of the best) and store the lower grade in Wells for the coldstream mill to process (when permitted).  QR mill is only permitted to handle 600,000 tons of ore so why not maximize the gold you get from it.  Forget the Smithers company which wants us to process 300,000 tons of their ore... keep the capacity for ourselves.  If we can average the same as our bulk sample... 23 gpt...  we could produce 50,000 oz per year for  6 straight years.   At 23 gpt... the total cost of mining should be very reasonable.  If Timmins can produce gold for $700 per ton at 0.6 gpt then we should easilly be able to do it cheaper than that... even with the extra ore hauling to Wells.