So by your logic only people with positive things to say are allowed to post during a CTO?

Can't speak for others Newfie, but you're right, I do have an agenda. There are a lot of legit retail investors that come to this board looking for factual opinions about this stock. However, a bunch of non-scientists arguing science makes for a lot of false and generally misleading information (whether intentional or not). It's hard to sit by and watch that happen without offering some sort of educated opinion. The whole point of posting is to try and get across to people that there are legitimate reasons why this company is under a CTO and to try and provide real evidence as to why it is going to be exteremley difficult to support a 10 m oz resource. In addition, whatever happens in the end with BGM will have a direct impact on the industry and people working in it, therefore, our place here is completely justified.

Good luck.