That the issue has not been resolved as of yet.  Or can I believe it ?  Of course I beleive it! As I was once a believer and shareholder. I think I bailed if I remember correctly around mid feb  2012. Took a loss probably what amounted too approx. 10,000 , ya $10,000. Wish I had a bought in back  around  1st week of June and then sold it 1st trading day of July but did not, I had had enough of the spin doctoring, seemed they were always late with what they said and never do what the market loves, which is under promise and over deliver.


Thought I would just keep an eye on this one. Seen that Frank lent the company some money too keep them going through their hard times. Darn nice of him eh?  At what interest rate 20%, hAA!  darn nice of him eh????


Seems too me if I was president of a company and I truly beleived in said company I would lend the company the money at prime rate. In order too prove too my shareholders I put my own skin in the game in order too prove I got the dream company and resources I had said were there. But that is my company, not this one.


anyways good luck too all that still own their shares!!!!!