Two Guys and Red are both shareholders. Anyone who has followed their posts before the CTO would know that. 2Guys bought into the story early on, while Red jumped in at the last minute as a momentum play. Red never believed the story, but he does believe in making money. Unfortunately for him, the CTO trapped his position. So, why do they "bash" their own stock? Perhaps they want to send a message to management? And they'll keep sending that message until they get some answers. You may be content to be patient, but they're not. 



The crux of your argument Newfie, is that PG is a qualified person, with 45 years experience. And a QP with 45 years experience could never, intentionally or unintentionally, mislead the public. This would be impossible. Therefore, the resource estimate must be correct, or at least mostly correct. This assumption forms the entire basis of your reasoning. You are entitled to your opinion. However, I disagree.  Here are my reasons:


  1. Bench 3950 contained more than half the resource. Yet only 130 composite assays exceeded 5 grams/tonne.
  2. That is only 1.1% of all the available 11,444 composites available in this bench. Therefore, to arrive at 6,308,300 ounces of resource in bench 3950,, PG must have extrapolated the 130 relatively high values into the (-1) entries which are ubiquitous in the data tables. He simply assumed the high values extend into the surrounding rock. 
  3. But it doesn't end there. These are reverse composites. In other words, PG created data points by breaking up composites into 1 foot intervals. If we were to use more normal composite values of let us say a meter, this would reduce the number of composite assays to around 40 or 45 instead of 130. Then you would be calculating 6.31 million ounces based on just a few dozen composites. This is impossible.


Why would a QP mislead investors? I don't know. I turn on the news at night and wonder why people do any number of things. But just because I can't make sense of it, doesn't mean it didn't happen. This is where your logic breaks down, Newfie. Just because he is a QP with 45 years experience, does not mean he cannot mislead investors, intentionally or otherwise.