You guys just don't make sense to me.  You have enough interest to read all the posts and have made comments many times but often negative or doubtful in nature.  I do not go on other sites daily in which I have no investment and see no positive future.  It simply is a waste of time!  I assume everyone, apart from shorts, must see potential here. 


As for assuming PG manipulated the report by only including positive results...really, a man of his age manipulating a report for a junior exploration company.  Not giving the guy much credit.  And since the opinions are just that why take the time to constantly post your with no investment?  I would like to think a professional with 40+ years experience would do what's right but at the same time attempt to maximize potential.  Maybe the new report will explain descrepancies in the resource estimate?


i just feel like some days I have to post to balance out the doom and gloom naysayers!