There is always going to an argument when you speculate GoldExe.  I'm not saying you are Ovis but you very much remind me of him.   I think you are not giving the longs on this board much credit.  Most of us think the resource will be significantly reduced from the original numbers but the question is how much?  You always make good sense of possible outcomes but they are always biased to the negative.  You also once posted a comment referring to a resource adjustment which would translate into a large deposit.  Though the missing data has to affect the resource estimate, will it be less 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 million ounces?  The question remains that with an assumed revised 43-101, which includes a reduction to PG original numbers, does there remain a significant deposit.  Most of us here think there is a high probability there is 5+ million ounces.  I'm still hoping we see 2.75+ for BGM based on that 5 million ounces.  Obviously you think the 2100 holes were intentionally omitted to bias PG's estimate to the high side.  If so, is it not possible we could still easily see 5 million ounces at a secent grade.  There is another resource report upcoming as well that could likely add ounces so the opportunity exists for a higher sp.  You have to believe in BGM as well if you are interested enough to be providing continual opinions with negative overtones, without current investment.  I don't quite understand your interest level in BGM but you certainly seem to believe the future is grim, and if so, why stick around and post so often?  There are a lot of games being played on this board and its all because of the potential of BGM and the interest in getting in at a descent price in my mind.