2 guys... It is 2,100 drill holes ( not 2100 meters) that add up to a bunch of meters of drilling that was not included.  One short answer would be that it takes lots of time to verify all those holes.... BUT, at the end of the day, you don't exclude DH data unless you can justify why.  I could see maybe some of these holes not being included, for instance, maybe they are way beyond the area being modeled, or perhaps the assays may have an issue.  But surely you wouldn't exclude  by a factor of 3+ as many holes as the first resource.  It is one of the many questions that those in industry wonder what kind of job was done on the resource.  AS bad as not including those holes was the apparent disregard for all those areas that had the negative 1 in the resource.  I think it was stated that out of 125,000 sample intervals, only 22,000 were incorporated into the resource.  That should really make one wonder.... If I remember, PG did a reverse composite ( virtually never done by anyone I am aware of in the resource modeling world).  What this means is that he broke the 1 meter or 1.5 meter assay data into one foot increments.  This creates a huge bias in the data points.  As stated above, not only did he not include 2,100 drill holes, he also disregarded over 100,000 feet of drill data in the 600+ holes he did use.  This is al just from my memory of reading, but should be close in numbers to the issue at hand. 

So what does the non-inclusion do to the resource?  Well, in my own opinion, if you don't use the data correct to begin with, it can or would be another significant error bias ( I believe to cause the resource in reality) to be much smaller.   The disregard of all the negative 1 intervals is a primary objection of the powers that be, and people within industry IMO.

If you have a chance, read the first paragraph that Quinton H put in his opening comments about how thick and the spacing to prove up  resource of 10M oz's.  Then compare it to the BGM DH press releases....  QH's number is pretty much straight math, he isn't pulling it out of his ummm mind... 

So, my end comment is, all shouldn't be just concerned about the fact they didn't inc. 2100 holes, but you should also wonder what the effect of leaving 100,000 feet of drill data out of the resource!