Thank you for the shout out.  You should remember what a previous poster said.

Halcro, again, why so passionate when I've heard you have no investment? It absolutely makes no sense to spend the time you do on this Board with no interest. Meanwhile you pick anyone's posts apart who have anything positive to say about Frank or negative to say about Rex. Do you not see that it makes you out to be a paid basher or a person with an agenda? I've seen some relevant posts of yours but mostly older posts that provide you with ammo against Frank. I don't think you have to convince many people that Frank needs to go but the problem is is nobody can make an argument that Rex will do any better but you seem to think the Harbour group are tried, tested and true. I wish I had the faith you do but until someone can prove to me that Rex won't dilute away shareholder value I am going to stay with the current poor management and hope there is another option down the road. All hinges on the gold in the ground! Cheers