Chilly "@Halcro....once again...let us be very clear.... because I know of Frank.... at this point in time Frank has my support"


It's been very clear that Frank has your support...just because you know him. However, you have neither the shares, the support, the expertise nor the gift of the gab required to do anything other than "support Frank" on a bullboard.

Do you really think that Chillyballs is going to appear on a slate; before the Supreme Court as a petioner; or on anything other than the BGM bullboard in the near future (long term, after an AGM or SGM, you're gone, as a new slate won't be mining the bullboards for support)?.


Pssst, Chilly. BGM is CTO'd. BGM is overdue for an AGM. BGM seems to need cash. Those three things won't be fixed by your support of Frank...or by mindless bullboard rhetoric expressing your support.