Halcro - You certainly aren't the one who dictates how anything works....You are a farce, just like the thieves you work for..I wonder if you even know where B.C. is? Too bad you couldn't give this board one once of credibility by answering the question of what big REX is going to do for the shareholders of BGM.  Other than dilution, lower share price etc etc. not much..talk about lack of credibilty, . ..If have been in this business over 35 years and owned hundreds of mining stocks...including BRE-X ( Yes I have stated this before), Goliath, Golden Sceptre, Int'l Corona... I have seen the best and the worst.. You my friend take the cake as far a paid for , non -invested,  basher goes...it really is quite funny...I'm sure as the know it all you are of topics like BGM, Frank, mining, production procedures and costs associated with,... you should be able to provide one solitary answer what REX will do better...I sure don't see anything..

Good luck in your new career when the numbers are announced.