No, no, Chilly. That isn't how it works. You have dodged every question put to you over the last month, hiding behind your support for the status quo.


You've now seemingly lost your faith...and you should tell us what caused you to lose your faith. Did a birdie whisper some numbers in your ear? Otr was it not faith but a farce?


"No longer care what Frank makes...jig is up on him....."


Well, Chilly...if you won't answer how much Frank and Standard will have taken out of BGM between June 1, 2011, and June 30, 2013, or how much Frank et al will take out of Standard in the same period


surely you will answer why "the ...jig is up on him (Frank)....."?


What brought about this startling epiphany, as 15 short days ago you were Frank's bullboard truss, proudly supporting him? If you've "jigged" Frank, who are you bringing in to take Frank's place as the head of the BGM gig?


How do you propose to "jigg" Frank, as you have neither the shares, the support, the experience...or even an AGM or SGM?


Please answer the questions, Chilly.


@2guys.... what do you propose we do.... vote Frank and the current board out, put Rex and his board in, effectively cutting the value of our current investment in half and then sit around and wait for the report and the pour.... is there something other than that going to take place with Frank out... I am not ready to throw Frank under the bus just yet, however depending on the report he may end up there.

One way or another... I will have a Merry Christmas....