Thanks for the info, I feel for those involved sitting in the land of frustration. I think the QR mine is good, and there is enough gold there to warrent a nice profit for you, (But managment needs to get on the ball, If its a dud ,say so, keep the paper work in order ect ect, promote the mine if it is fit to be. ) When it was Crosslake, in my opinion, the main thing that went wrong, was that Gordon Kievil did not hire a promoter and managment did not put out enough "worthy" news realeases.  Sound's like BGM has a similar problem. They are working the labour end of it fine , but coming up short on the business end of it.

Its almost like they should have a blogger to let the share holders know what happens day to day with the mine, (I mean , it's our money invested in thier companies, we have a right to know )