Well cornel, I feel for your loss, as we are currently under a Cease Trade Order by the BCSC due to BGM not providing a complian 43-101 in the past 5 months.


BGM shareholders haven't lost yet, but being under a CTO doesn't make holding shares in BGM a 'feel-good' situation.


Apparently while under CTO, management has brought it upon themselves to try and begin open pit mining at the QR mine, yet they haven't actually mined a single ounce of gold yet.


There's been a petition launched by one of BGM's shareholders to be held Jan. 7 to try and get us an Annual General Meeting which BGM management has also brought it upon themselves to postpone until sometime prior to May 2013 for the better good of shareholders? 


Wait, that doesn't really make sense does it?  Oh well, you shouldn't feel to s...y as your pain has passed, whereas if things don't change for the better after Jan. 7, the pain may only have gotten worse for BGM shareholders, IMO.