You lose the argument when you can only resort to petty name calling!


What''s the point of that?


Your definition of a "basher" is everyone that holds a conntrarian view to your own! fact!


I like Frank, but this is dragging on too long now, IMHO, and whilst you can ring the IR guy for comforting words, they have no basis in reality, so what;s the point of that? Why will they only respond verbally and not in writing?


  • BGM need to put the current situation in writing, NOW!
  • Explain why is the prodiuction being continually delayed?
  • When is the current  production start date envisaged, andwhy should we believe it this time?
  • What is thecurrent guesstimate for the 43=101?


If there is an SGM, I think Rex will have a credible challenge, and my vote is available to the most convincing suitor.