@2guys.... if Bashers can spread enough fear...there will be more asks than bids.... more supply than demand.... what happens when there is more supply than demand.... and then suddenly there will be vultures buying up the depressed priced shares.     Very simple!!!

Let me be very clear in my opinion.... there is gold in the hills.... and a substantial amount. I beleive there is enough to make this stock rise considerably and a PP if required ..a no brainer...  Harbour has absolutely nothing to lose.... BUT.... has a ton to gain at your expense if we allow a massive dilution.... what I am looking for is for anybody (other than than the ones we know that are self serving) to show me valid argument that I am wrong.... in the end I am listening to all reasonable argument for and against!! I have not heard a good argument against and I don't give a chit about 1,2,3,4 years ago or 20 years ago.... there was no 43-101 on the table back then!!!